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Erika's "Kindergarten year" will begin next Monday. I feel fairly well prepared; I've got all the materials we'll be using and I've figured out how much work we need to do per week.

When I asked Erika what was important to her, one thing she said was that she wanted to get to decide the order we do things in. Seemed reasonable to me, as long as it works. One of my own priorities is for flexibility -- I want us to be able to finish things faster or take longer with them, depending on how it's going and how interested she is. So I suggested to her that we try a weekly checklist of things that need to get done. That way, we can be flexible on a daily basis, but still be accountable for making sufficient progress in every area. Here's the checklist I came up with; obviously, this will change during the course of the year.

Reading Lessons (Primarily finishing the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading)- 4 per week
Reading out loud for at least 15 minutes from library books of her choice - 4 times per week
English read-alouds - 4 sessions per week (exactly what constitutes a "session" is a little vague)
Handwriting (Getty-Dubay Italic) - 4 pages per week
Miquon lab sheets (Orange and Red books) - 7 per week
MEP lessons, selected problems drawn from Year 1 - 4 sessions per week
German workbook pages (Einsterns Schwester 1) - 9 per week
German read-alouds - 4 sessions per week
Science activity (Lego WeDo robotics, rocks & minerals, other stuff)- 1 per week
Science read-alouds (mostly animals tied into our geography studies)- 2 per week
Social Studies activity (tracking weather around the world, map work, perhaps other stuff) - 1 per week
Social Studies read-alouds (geography, we're starting with Antarctica at her request) - 3 per week
Art activity (drawing lessons, art projects related to art we've seen in museums) - 1 per week
Piano lesson (with John) - 1 per week
Music appreciation (Classics for Kids or Do Re Mikro, a German podcast) - 1 per week
Physical Education (swimming, soccer, running around on the playground) - 5 times per week
Health (Magic School Bus germs science kit, other stuff) - occasional, not as often as once a week

Of course some of these things we'll probably do more of than is listed, but I wanted to have minimum targets.

I'm planning to take her to a museum or to the zoo at least once every two weeks as part of my "museumschooling" concept -- it makes sense to me to take advantage of what's available here locally. I imagine we'll spend a fair amount of time sketching on these outings, since that's a major interest of hers. She'll also be going to a Saturday program at the German School beginning around the 10th of September.


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