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The Halloween party at Boo Manor will be on the 28th of October, not the 21st.

Everything else is the same, but it is not this weekend, it's next weekend.

We now return you to your show in progress...


Oct. 16th, 2017 06:59 am
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Finished up the classes last night. Of course the BMGT365 course had the final paper due on Saturday at midnight instead of Sunday, and of course it was 5 pages max with literally a dozen major points that had to be covered. Still, I got it in on time.

And I looked up the details: This class was literally the top level class you could take in the 300 level business management track, and I took the fucking thing cold. Not the best of ideas overall.

However from an information standpoint this didn't just change my view of the world, in a way it rocked me to the core: This class finally explained to me why things work in a company, not just how. I was able to take what was being presented and do that weird think with my brain in which I hit the problem from dozens of angles and probe the underlying reality behind the curtain.
  • I see now why AAAS did what it did, even thought it was a complete and utter disaster I can see the paths, reasoning, and results. I'm doubly glad I am not there.
  • I understand the whole thing about what corporate cultures and values really are and what they mean on different levels.
  • I understand why Information Security programs are failures so often, and how they can be successful.
  • And I know now how to kick ass and take names in a project, constructing assertions and analysis that would withstand any bozo's attacks and undermining attempts.
  • A number of things I suspected about the business world were confirmed, and others were overturned
Did this course challenge me? Yeah, it did. Did the teacher suck and was evil incarnate? Yes they were. Was I forced to bust ass in an arena where I am at a significant disadvantage against the other students who have taken a dozen courses like this? Yes I was.

Did I pass? Almost certainly.

By contrast, my Cybersecurity in business course (CSIA350) was easier, but I can see where it would stop most people in their tracks: Rather than talking about attack methods and buffer overflows and techie stuff it was all about process, governance, standards, policies, and the like. This is the course that separates the men from the boys in cybersecurity management, and is probably equally impossible for someone who hits it unawares (like me and BMGT).

However in this case I have an edge: 5 years of having my ass kicked at my current company, learning all this stuff on the go. So I was able to use that background of information to deal with everything. Still very complex and hard, probably got a B. But without that background I would have been dead.

These are courses like Calc II and Systems/Circuits were for computer science and electrical engineering: Impossible classes that knock people out of the program. I was fortunate enough to take two of them in one semester and it beat the shit out of me time-wise. But this time I made it, I could never finish Calc II, I failed it 3 times and quit engineering. Didn't fail these....

Now for a few days off and then go from there. There's nothing else I can take in the Business Management space as an elective, thank fucking god. Because I like impossible challenges, maybe I'll find something SLIGHTLY easier somewhere else here....

Ok, off to work. Busy week ahead.


Last week

Oct. 13th, 2017 10:47 pm
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Two more fucking papers due, one tomorrow at midnight, one Sunday at midnight. Long long long. Can't wait for all of this to be over.

Changes, complex thoughts

Oct. 9th, 2017 07:02 am
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Ok, I should post about this as I haven't been updating. A few months ago I got it into my head that the Red Porsche wasn't ever going to get painted, I have owned it for almost 30 years and maybe it was time to try something different. So after looking around I got a new Porsche. Well, an old new Porsche because I can't afford something new new. But I wanted something more of a cruiser than the traditional seat of the pants thing so I bought this:

A 1986 (1 year older than the Red Car) Porsche 928S. This was their flagship line, and although the value didn't hold up it's still a pretty amazing type of car. Yes, the Risky business car. No it didn't come with a hot blonde babe, I already have that in my life and she is far cuter.....

The beast....

So anyway, got it for 5k from a guy in PA sight unseen, went out in July with the dad to pick it up, drove it home (barely made it) and fixed it up. Because it has the same basic engine design as my 944S I was able to troubleshoot and fix the problems pretty quickly, got it inspected, tagged, and titled and now it's a daily-ish driver.

And.... it's different. Faster sure, but more comfortable, handles much better, and brakes a lot quicker than the 944S. Which made me think a lot about change: I've owned the red car for so long I figured that was the best that could be out there. And so I kept it, fed it, fixed all the problems and got used to the quirks. But when you drive this car for awhile and go back like I did yesterday you notice just what a rattling, wheezing, bumpy ride the other car (not older since the 928S is actually a year older than the 944S) really is.

And I wonder: I've lived in this house here for 25 years or so, it's a wreck in a lot of ways but it's my home. I know all the weird parts, and have grown to live with the slight tilt in the floor, the air conditioners that are in the windows, the quirky heat, the lack of paint, and all that. Maybe we should move somewhere else, go work in Ireland or something.

Maybe the change in car is enough. I still have the red one, but maybe it's time for that to go. Don't know, something to think about.

This dopey management class has a section on change and how you have to embrace change in the workplace these days and everything is different. Fine, I changed jobs 5 years ago now because everything went insane at Science after 13 years of stability. And the new place is ok in a lot of ways but sucks in terms of growth, except it lets me go to college in a lot of spare time. Which is also change. But when is change a good thing, and when is it just a chance for someone to market junk you don't need and take advantage of you in the "retraining" period?

That's a tougher question that doesn't fit so easily into a simple college class.....

Ok, time for work. Need to interview someone at 9 to join the department, more change is coming. Hm....

6am-ish thoughts

Oct. 9th, 2017 06:43 am
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Busy weekend. Although I didn't get to go to camp, I got a lot done around the house and with the family. Specifically:

Movies: Alex and I went to see Bladerunner II. I thought it was a pretty good movie overall, long but rich and beautiful. Also a snuff film without a doubt, it really seemed to get off in a way on killing women, objectifying women, setting value of women based on their reproductive abilities, but then having a pair of fascinating female characters in the forms of Joy (an AI but which really made you think about what is real) and the cop (Princess Buttercup kicks ass again).

Sat night Bri and I went to see My Little Pony, the movie. Aside from being traditional cell based animation it wasn't a bad little story. Simple, yet complex in a number of ways and yes they do kill the bad guy at the end. What can I say, MLP still has pretty good characters and stories much like ThunderCats in the 80's and Animaniacs in the 90's. Fun stuff.

Sunday Bec and I went to Renn Faire. It was *HOT*, humid, but because of the occasional rain it was lightly attended. Which is nice for an October but I remember the October shows being a lot cooler in the past. Oh well, Global warming is here, no sense denying it. We just have summer from June to November now instead of June-August. Deal with it. Still had a good time walking around, eating some food, talking to people, watching a show or two, and generally being hot and humid. But the low turnout was nice, I've been there weekends it was so packed you couldn't move. This was *MUCH* better to sit back and enjoy. Still a fair number of wasps in the afternoon....

Also spent some time cleaning up the yard; it is a mess because I have been totally neglecting it. The yard has been dry because it hasn't rained in a month and a half, all that water from the spring and summer has dried up. Hopefully it didn't kill any more trees, will find out next spring. But I have seen some trees go brown early, once again welcome to the new environment. I know people are all political about things like global warming, but it's a fact, it's real, and even if you want to deny it you still have to deal with it. Like sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool; deal with the fact that breathing water is not going to work just because you are sure you're a fish.

And we got the halloween decorations up. A new inflatable pumpkin joins the others out there, Alex really does amazing things, and the house looks cheerful and festive because of it. I like changing the flags outside with the seasons too, it helps to mark the passage of time so it doesn't all just blow by in a summer/winter/time to get the snowblower out sequence....

7am alarm just went off, dark outside. Yes because it's raining but still the days are getting shorter quickly again. Soon dark all the time.

Tara is being kind of inscrutable as of late, Dylan is doing the Community college thing and is holding his own. Bri is beautiful, a butt head at times,  but turning into a person. It's funny to see her at the cusp of little kid and person who is coherent, but she is getting there. I'm in no hurry, enjoy each day as a gift with the whole family. Because it is...

Other stuff in another post, about change and life and things.


Somewhat grumpy about the world.

Oct. 7th, 2017 01:43 pm
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Keep watching things slide into the dumpster in the world and my response lately has been Meeh. I mean this is what people want, this is what people vote for, so why not give it to them? I do enjoy the fact that white trash aren't doing well, why should I care about them if the people they vote for are politicians like Trump, that Alabama failure, and now the guy in PA who goes on about Christian values while pressuring his mistress to have an abortion to save face?

I mean if people vote this way then fuck em....

Yeah, I'm starting to see people as objects, statistics, and such which is not good. I'd think about that some more, but it would just burn up mental time I can put to use trying to finish this stupid degree and the like. I wonder if I'll finish this mess or just quit?

But when I see a guy shoot 50 people and no one cares after less than a week I figure why should I give a fuck? Shooting gays didn't matter in Fl, shooting school kids didn't matter, why should shooting a bunch of white rednecks matter?

Need to think about where I should place my proverbial fucks to give. Any suggestions?



Oct. 5th, 2017 08:32 pm
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Class continues to kick my ass here. Long 8 weeks, who knows where this will end up. I hate management.

Life continues to be jammed, endless amounts of people asking me to do things.

Alex is sick again, so that sucks.

Kids need non-stop driving around, too lazy to learn to drive.




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