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Erika has played TransAmerica with other people a couple of times, but I played with her for the first time today.

She beat both John and me at the game, and we were playing to win. She read all of the city names herself. I am impressed. Every time Erika learns to play a game, without accommodations, that adults actually find interesting, I am struck again by how much I am enjoying this stage.

In other events of the day, when she was having a total meltdown earlier today, and I asked her what would help, she wanted to watch a nature show on TV -- turned out to be a David Attenborough Wildlife Special about polar bears. I didn't get to see the whole thing, but the part I did see was terrific. They had a camera inside a polar bear den in the winter, so you got to see a tiny little baby polar bear with its mother. I'd never seen that before.

We also talked a bit about the day-to-day routine of we'll be doing in homeschooling when we start up officially in two weeks, and she was excited by the idea of a checklist for the things we'll aim to do during the week. I thought it might be useful for both of us -- for her so she could get some idea of what we're trying to get done, and for me so I would feel accountable for making sure the activities that take more prep work on my part actually happen. My idea is that she could have a fair amount of flexibility about what she wants to do when, something I know is important to her, but with an eye to making sure we more-or-less meet our weekly goals. If that doesn't pan out, we'll re-evaluate.


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