Feb. 13th, 2011

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It was another successful and relatively uneventful week of school. Erika finished the Math Mammoth Place Value 1 book, and finished her first long silent reading book.


In English this week, Erika finished reading Violet Bing and the Grand House as her silent reading book. She started reading the first Magic Tree House book for her read-aloud book, and the Dick King-Smith book, Jenius, the Amazing Guinea Pig for silent reading.

We also started copywork this week, which Erika liked. She asked for more.


Erika wrapped up Math Mammoth Place Value 1 this week, and continued with Subtraction 1. To break things up, I also had her do a page in her German math workbook. I changed the way she does math drills at the end of the week, having her do only the "test" in the iPod Math Drills software, instead of doing a practice exercise first. Her test got much faster that way; I think she'd previously been getting distracted by the time she got to the test. She also spent quite a while playing with the Rocket Math software on the iPod.

Social Studies

Erika updated her temperature graph and listened to me read aloud from DK Eyewitness China.


Wednesday was packed with science activities this week, including a session on gravity at our co-op, static electricity at science class, and rocks at earth scouts. Whew!

During the gravity session, the kids took turns reading aloud from Gravity is a Mystery, which went well. The kids thought it was hilarious that the author kept asking if they weighed 60 pounds, since the heaviest of them weighs about 52 pounds.


Erika did some watercolor painting and played Who What Where Jr.


We listened to the first two Beethoven podcasts from Classics for Kids. She's also planning to have a piano lesson with Dad today.

Physical Education

I actually took a picture at Karate class this week. Picture of Erika at Karate class )

In addition to Karate, Erika played in the snow and did a lot of running around with other kids, playing hopscotch and freeze tag indoors.


Nothing specific in the health department this week.


Erika completed her usual work in the Einsterns Schwester workbook, did her homework for Saturday school, listened to me read aloud from the third Sams book, and went to her Saturday class.


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