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I had always planned to do Miquon math with Erika, I just got caught a little short when she suddenly decided she wanted to do math lessons this year. I had the main teacher's guide (the "Lab Sheet Annotations") and the First Grade Diary, which explains how math was actually implemented in the Miquon school. I'd even read the First Grade Diary and parts of the Lab Sheet Annotations. What I didn't have was any of the actual Lab Sheets!

After Erika's math obsession had gone on for a couple of weeks, I ordered the Miquon "Orange Book," and today we did the first two sheets. It was easy material for her, and I think I'm going to omit a few pages to get to something with a little more challenge. I'll be interested to see what she thinks of Miquon as we move on with it. I also introduced the concept of putting your name and the date onto the lab sheets today.

We also did more MEP today, wrapping up the end of Lesson Plan 19 and moving on into Lesson Plan 21. (Every tenth lesson doesn't really exist, it's intended for consolidation and review in the classroom.) A few pictures:

Working on math

She's practicing writing the number 2. She decided to use a crayon today; she usually uses a colored pencil.

Number line with bubbles

Erika's task here was to draw the appropriate numbers of objects in the bubbles. She drew bananas, horse heads, and oranges.

Elephant with balloon

Elephant with balloon. This was inspired by the number line/bubbles exercise.


Date: 2012-06-13 04:21 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
It's cool that she likes the little pzeluzs MEP throws at you. That's pretty much exactly why we ended up giving it up. Whenever my kids came to one of those, they were thrown into a fit of anxiety. Sigh. Even when they could do the math aspect of it, something about the presentation upset them. If it had been the same thing phrased as a word problem, then it would have been fine. Oh well. I guess that's why they make other math curricula from which to choose.


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