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This morning the kids decided to "play school" and told us they were "math kids." Karl even had to put his backpack on to go to school. Aww...

Later, we worked on lesson plan 6 from MEP Year 1. I involved both of the kids in an exercise where we threw balls back and forth and shouted out opposites (tall/short, left/right, up/down, etc.). Then when Karl was napping, Erika and I did most of the rest of the lesson. It took a really long time because we went off on some tangents, which I thought was fine. After all, part of what drew me to homeschooling in the first place was the idea that it would be possible to spend more time on whatever interested the kids, instead of being constrained by predefined time blocks.

One of the exercises involved drawing a figure like this:

      *     *
   *     *
*     *     *
   *     *
      *     *

The idea was to then count the number of dots in each column. Which was all well and good, but then, at my suggestion, we spent some time drawing lines between the dots to make triangles. Erika then also drew a second collection of dots for us to make triangles out of.

Another activity involved drawing a ladder and labeling each rung with a numeral from 1-10, so we could count up, count down, and count by 2's. Erika decided to augment the ladder by adding 11 and 12 to the top of it, and putting the corresponding number of dots next to each numeral.


Date: 2011-06-01 08:28 am (UTC)
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Hey, that post leaevs me feeling foolish. Kudos to you!


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