Jan. 30th, 2011

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Despite the snow, which caused Karl to have two days off from school and our house to have no power for 38 hours, we still managed to get a decent school week in. Highlights included starting to learn about counting money, lots of time at the piano, and our first trip to the Stories in Art program for this academic year.


Erika continued to read Violet Bing for silent reading this week. She also kept on with Big Cats for reading out loud, and started another difficult title, Asia. I continue to be impressed by Erika's enthusiasm for reading books that I think are really too difficult for her. She's not at all fazed by encountering several words on a page that she needs help with.


Erika finished major sections of both Math Mammoth Subtraction 1 and Math Mammoth Place Value 1 (page 39 in each book) this week. I decided to have her skip some of the pages in the next part of Subtraction 1, because while she needs some additional work on basic subtraction, she has a sufficiently good grasp of the addition facts within 10 that she doesn't really need that much subtraction drill. The remainder of Place Value 1 is about things like counting money and graphing, which is interesting and fun. Erika enjoyed learning to count pennies, nickels, and dimes this week.

Social Studies

We did some more reading in the DK Eyewitness China book this week, and Erika watched more of the Wild China video. She also started reading a book on Asia, mentioned under English.

Erika also went with John to have the emissions tested on one of our cars this week, and learned about utilities through our real-life experiences with the storm's aftereffects.


Erika watched a couple of Magic School Bus videos this week, one on Volcanoes and one on Ants. Unfortunately, our science class was cancelled this week due to snow.


At our co-op on Wednesday, the kids learned about perspective, studied a couple of pictures by Henri Rousseau, and made their own collaborative artwork. Picture of completed project )

Today, we took the kids to the National Gallery of Art's Stories in Art program. They learned about Alexander Calder and viewed his Little Spider, listened to a book about a spider who is an artist (Sophie's Masterpiece), and made their own mobiles using embroidery hoops and wire.


Erika worked with John on the piano three times this week, and practiced on her own several times.

Physical Education

This was a weak point this week, as we neither went swimming nor had a Karate lesson. There was some playing in the snow, though.


We started the second experiment from the Magic School Bus Germs kit. This was derailed a bit by our power outage, as part of the point was to see what happened with mold in a warm vs. a cold environment, but I think it will still come out OK. We also did the third experiment, about what yeast needs to grow. This didn't work out that well using the materials provided, but once I used larger containers, more water, more yeast, and more sugar, it all turned out the way you would expect.

Erika also heard more of the Magic School Bus book about bones read aloud.


Erika did 7 pages in Einsterns Schwester 1's fourth workbook, heard me read aloud from her Conni book, did her homework for the Saturday school, and went to class.


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