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Karl's First Day of School

Karl was very excited about his first day of school; he'd mentioned many times that he couldn't wait to do formal schoolwork.

Today started off with the German tradition of a Schultüte, which is a cardboard cone filled with stuff for a kid's first-ever day of school. This is normally given at the beginning of first grade, but we've chosen to do it at the beginning of Kindergarten in our family.

Karl Schultüte

He then completed his first written schoolwork -- a few pages of Explode the Code 1, a page of Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting B, and a couple of pages of Miquon Math's Orange Book.

Karl Miquon

Karl Handwriting

He seemed to enjoy it. The only part he really didn't like was needing to play on his own while I was coaching Erika through the work she couldn't manage to focus on. Sigh.

Once she finished, we went to the local homeschooling group's "Not-Back-To-School Picnic," where we saw lots of people we knew. Erika spent a lot of time reading (she's on the last Percy Jackson book), while Karl mostly ran around on the playground.
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Wow, that’s a huge school cone!