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The second week of first grade is more or less over; I thought it went well.

Highlights included our first day at the Greenbelt Co-op on Tuesday, where Erika took Yoga, Karl did alphabet stuff, we all played board games, and I taught the "Ancient History Activities" class. Erika loved Yoga and has incorporated the meditation practice into our morning circle time, which is fine with me since I'd been trying to teach the kids meditation. If she wants to be the driving force, I'm all for it! All of the kids seemed to enjoy the ancient history activities; I had the kids make "cave paintings" on a brown paper "cave wall" and make their own cuneiform tablets.

Erika enjoyed math much more this week, now that we've both realized that she wanted a workbook. I spent some time last weekend printing out about three months' worth of Math Mammoth pages and binding it with Circa discs. She's also doing arithmetic drills (she's not a fan), plus I give her a daily "math warmup" drawn from the MEP curriculum, which allows me to inject some side topics and puzzles.

She's doing really well with dictation in both English and German, and is choosing to do most of her writing in cursive. We're about a week and a half into Evan-Moor's Daily 6-Trait Writing, Grade 2, which she seems to like, and which is helping me teach her things I think she needs to know, so we're both happy there.

She's been doing a lot of reading, mostly of Magic Tree House and Ivy and Bean books, though she did also read You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy this week. I need to make more of an effort to incorporate German reading, as she only did that once this week. I blame Labor Day.

We've been reading about ancient history during circle time, and took a field trip to the National Geographic museum today to see Etruscan artifacts. Erika enjoyed the exhibit, though I think she and I would both have enjoyed it more if Karl had not been there, as he was very bored and I spent most of my time managing his behavior. Picture of Erika taken after field trip; photography was prohibited in the exhibit:

Erika in a corner

Tomorrow is the first day of Saturday classes at the German School. Erika is extremely excited; she has been packing her backpack and making sure the outfit she wants to wear is ready for the last 24 hours.
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