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I didn't get around to writing a weekly summary last week, so I've got two weeks at once. It was a pretty unusual couple of weeks, as John had the first week off from work, and we only had one "normal" day in the second week.

The big news last week was the Tempest -- Erika had two rehearsals that week, I finished making her costume, and the performance was on Sunday. Both sets of grandparents came, and I thought the whole thing went as well as could be expected, considering that no one in the cast was over the age of seven.

This week, we went to a nice program on mammals with Karl's class at Glen Echo Park, where the kids got to touch a cute African hedgehog.


In non-fiction, Erika finished reading Rocks and Minerals by Ann Squire, and also read Hippopotamuses by Melissa Stewart. She also started reading Antelope by Melissa Stewart.

In fiction, she finished The Invisible Dog, and also read three "Young Cam Jansen" books, Young Cam Jansen and the Ice Skate Mystery, Young Cam Jansen and the Lost Tooth, and Young Cam Jansen and the Library Mystery.

Erika also did a variety of worksheets on subjects like verbs, spelling, homophones, proper nouns, etc.

She told me Friday that reading is her favorite part of school. Yay!

Saturday, she totally refused to stop reading "Young Cam Jansen and the Library Mystery" when it was time to get ready for bed, even though we told her she could keep reading it in bed after she brushed her teeth and put her pajamas on. John eventually had to forcibly remove it from her hands. I guess she was celebrating International Children's Book Day with particular vigor!


Erika continued to work in the Math Mammmoth Addition & Subtraction 2a book, finishing pages 16-24. She also did a few individual pages from the Clock, Money, and Measurement books.

She also used the LÜK controller with the grade 1 math book a couple of times, and played some math games.

Social Studies

I finally finished reading the entries about children in Africa in Children Just Like Me out loud. We also watched the National Geographic: Africa episode about Ethiopia and continued our temperature graphing exercise.


We didn't do much science at home during these two weeks, but Erika did learn about wild animal rehabilitation at Earth Scouts on Monday, about analyzing data at her homeschool science class on Wednesday, and about mammals on Karl's field trip on Thursday.

Additionally, she read non-fiction books about science topics (mentioned under English), I read out loud to her about rainforests from Der Regenwald, and she watched some animal documentaries.

She particularly enjoyed a National Geographic video on the relationship between lions and hyenas.


Erika did a lot of drawing during these two weeks, and did drawing activities at her co-op the first week.

Of course, much of our time and energy for art was taken up with Shakespeare. I can't post any pictures from the actual play, but I do have a picture of Erika trying on her costume:


I'm really glad Erika decided to participate in the play, and I think it was a great experience!


Erika had some piano lessons with John, and listened to a Classics for Kids podcast on Beethoven.

Physical Education

The most interesting thing that happened in Physical Education during these two weeks was Erika's first Karate class in the second session. She's now an "advanced white belt," meaning it's not her very first session of Karate, so she gets to spend most of the time practicing with the other advanced white belts and orange belts. She really enjoyed her first class in the new session, and remarked that there was a lot less waiting involved. I'm glad she's enjoying Karate!

I also happened to take a picture of Erika playing soccer:

Playing Soccer


At our co-op this week, Erika learned about the lungs and the oxygenation of blood. They did a fun activity where the kids circulated construction paper "red blood cells" and had them pick up oxygen in the lungs and give them up in other parts of the body.

I also read a book out loud about not going with strangers, Jule geht nicht mit Fremden mit.

Sunday, we went to our community garden plot to weed, add compost, and plant carrot and leek seeds. We even found a few leftover carrots from last year poking up new leaves, so we harvested them.


Erika made good progress this week in her usual German work, read Franzi und das falsche Pferd, and watched various German TV shows, including our daily viewing of the children's news show Logo!

Erika didn't make it to her Saturday school class because she got carsick on the way there and threw up all over herself as they pulled into the parking lot. Bleah. On the up side, her teacher provided John with all of the work they were going to do in class, and she did it once she got home. They learned the names of common spring flowers, the parts of a daffodil plant, and read a couple of pages about springtime.
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