Sep. 10th, 2013

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I completely neglected my homeschooling blog last year, but I suddenly find I have something to say.

Things are going remarkably well this year so far.

Last year, I split the kids up so they were working in two different rooms, because when they tried working together in the same room, neither of them could work effectively.

This year, I'm continuing to have them split up in two rooms, but I've set up a schedule whereby each child has me with them for half an hour, rather than me shuttling back and forth "as needed". I provide them each with a checklist of everything they're supposed to do for the entire week, and they're supposed to move on to something else if they discover that they need me during the time when I'm with their sibling. Amazingly, for the most part they're actually succeeding in figuring out how to structure their work so that they don't need me when it's not their turn. Plus they're taking responsibility for getting all of their work done during the course of the week, something I've been working toward.

It's a big improvement over last year, when I was always saying things like, "I'd love to work with you on math, but your brother just asked me to work with him on reading." Of course I tried last year to get them to work with me at non-conflicting times, but I didn't have much success.

I don't think this method would have worked last year, but I'm sure glad it's working this year!


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