Apr. 24th, 2012

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Erika has been using Math Mammoth Blue Series for quite some time, and is perhaps halfway through Add & Subtract 3. I gave her the placement test for Beast Academy 3a, to see if she was ready for that, and based on the results, decided to let her try it.

The first chapter is on geometry, and contains some really interesting and difficult problems. Our approach has been for her to try them herself, and then if she doesn't quite see everything, I let her know that she needs to try again and offer her hints and suggestions if she wants them. I'm very happy with the level of thinking required thus far -- and was amused that I encouraged her to play Tetris in order to deepen her understanding of one of the lessons.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes from here, and I'm pleased that she's been willing to accept help; unwillingness to actually be taught has been an ongoing issue for us.

This has definitely been the spring of reading for her -- she just finished the entire Harry Potter series, and has now started reading the Percy Jackson series.

I didn't really expect her to read the entire first Harry Potter book, let alone the whole series! But she just kept wanting to keep going, and I don't believe in censoring kids' reading, so...


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