Feb. 19th, 2011

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Aside from a kerfuffle over word problems, we had a great school week. I bought a subscription to some fun drawing lessons on-line, which we did almost every day. We also started a study of Africa, and spent a lot of time outdoors in the nice weather.

Next week is a vacation week for us, since Karl has the week off from school.


Erika continued to read Dinosaurs Before Dark and Jenius, the Amazing Guinea Pig. She also started reading African Animals as part of our Africa study.

She also did some copywork, had a lesson on nouns and verbs, and practiced her Shakespeare lines.


Erika had a major meltdown this week over word problems, refusing to write down the equations although John and I have both explained to her that translating the problem into mathematical language is the main point of the exercise. I set aside the math, telling her we'd take the week off from math -- she wasn't a fan, since math is her favorite subject. When we talked about it, she eventually told me that the problems are too easy. I asked if it would help if the problems were harder, and she agreed that would be good. We did some word problems later in the week, set up so it would be impossible for her to solve them in her head. She was willing to write the equations, so a step in the right direction. We'll see what happens when we resume regular math work.

Erika did do some other math work this week from various workbooks, most notably a few pages on pennies, nickels, and dimes.

Social Studies

Our Africa studies got off to a good start this week. We read about Africa in our atlas, read a couple of books about tribal peoples, and began watching National Geographic's Africa series on Netflix streaming.

At our co-op this week, the kids did a geography activity -- they created a model of the playground where they met. Erika had a great time!


Science was a weak point this week -- Erika watched a couple of videos, listened to me read out loud about animals from her DK Animal book, and read out loud herself from African Animals. The most interesting video was the first episode of Walking with Monsters, about the evolution of early amphibians. We're both looking forward to the rest of it!


We had a lot of fun with Mark Kistler's Online Art Lessons this week. I bought a subscription through the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op after hearing about it from another homeschool mom. One of Erika's first drawings )

I think we've done at least six or eight lessons already.

Erika also went to her Shakespeare rehearsal, and tomorrow we're planning to go to the National Gallery of Art for another of their Stories in Art programs.

Edit: We did go to Stories in Art. I don't think it was the best one ever, but the project at the end was fun. Picture of Erika working on her project. )


We listened to the last two episodes of Classics for Kids on Beethoven, and also listened to other Beethoven music. Erika also practiced the piano, and I hope she and John find time for a lesson tomorrow.

Physical Education

Swimming, Karate, and lots of outdoor play. I think we went to playgrounds five days this week! Photo of Erika at the playground )


Erika went to the dentist this week, which I suppose falls into the category of Health. :-)


As always, Erika worked in her Einsterns Schwester workbook. She also listened to me read from the third Sams book, and read herself from Das Picknick im Wald. She did her homework for the Saturday school, and attended class.


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