Jan. 17th, 2011

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Erika was in a lousy mood most of the week, so we had a bit of a challenging time with school. Both of us knew why she was in a lousy mood -- she was tired -- but we were unable to solve the problem. When I talked with her about possible solutions, her response was along the lines of, "but mom, I don't want to take a nap or go to bed early, because I like to do stuff!" Sleeping in isn't an option, both because it doesn't work with our family's schedule, and because she gets up before she's actually fully rested even when she has the chance to sleep in.

We had a lot of trouble getting as much done as I would have liked, because everything that involved any kind of writing took about 3 times as long as usual.



Erika finished reading "If I Ran the Circus" for her silent reading book this week, and also read, "What the Ladybug Heard." She started reading "Ivy and Bean" out loud, and also read her lines for The Tempest several times. Our Shakespeare group had its first rehearsal.

Erika also wrote a letter to her pen-pal this week.


Erika caught up to where she'd been before the winter break in the Math Mammoth Place Value 1 book, completing page 35 for the second time. I feel as though the knowledge is fairly secure at this point. She also continued in the Subtraction 1 book, completing through page 36. Math drills were on the slow side this week, which is not surprising considering Erika's general lack of focus all weekk.

Social Studies

We continued our study of China this week, reading the relevant entries from "A School Like Mine," the entirety of Ms. Frizzle's Adventures: Imperial China, and part of the DK Eyewitness book on China. We also watched some more of the Wild China video.


We did a lot of science this week!

At our Earth Scouts meeting on Monday, the kids learned about how caves are made by water, and got to crawl through a pretend cave system, taking the role of water eating away at the soft rock. Coincidentally, we had seen part of the Wild China video earlier in the day about caves, which had discussed the same thing.

On Tuesday, we went to a friend's house for a session on force. The kids explored kinetic and potential energy, experimenting with rubber-band powered cars, catapults, etc.

Then on Wednesday morning at our Kindergarten co-op, the kids explored buoyancy by testing different materials to see if they float, and by filling a plastic container with various items to see how much weight would cause the container to sink. They then determined that this was approximately the same as the weight of the water that fit inside the container.

Wednesday afternoon, we went to the first session of our new homeschool science class, where the kids explored the idea that different liquids have different weights, and did a bit of chromatography.


Erika did some drawing this week, and had her first real rehearsal for The Tempest. She also went to a puppet show of The Velveteen Rabbit.


All we did this week for music was listen to an episode of Classics for Kids on Scott Joplin.

Physical Education

Phys Ed this week was mainly swimming, sledding, and Karate. It's too bad the karate class is at 6pm, because Erika's really pretty tired by then. Hopefully, it will work out OK.


We read The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body this week.


Erika finished book 3 of the Einsterns Schwester 1 workbook series this week. Woohoo! She also started on book 4, did her homework for the German School, and went to class on Saturday.


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