Dec. 28th, 2009

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We decided Time4Learning wasn't really right for Erika right now, but through their "Playground" feature, Erika discovered Brainpop Jr., which seems to be right up her alley. She's just not all that interested in the kind of scripted curricular approach they have at Time4Learning, and I'm glad, because it was making me a little uncomfortable. Brainpop Jr. doesn't make you do thing A before you do thing B, and has all kinds of engaging science videos, which is the main kind of thing she was interested in on the Time4Learning site.

She's continuing to be interested in math, though I'm having trouble sometimes getting her to stop doing math before she gets frustrated and storms off. I suppose it would be possible for me to simply refuse to supply further math activities after 25 minutes or something, but that doesn't really feel right to me, either. Anyway, today she did count up to 20 by 2's starting with 1 and starting with 2, and count back down from 20 by 2's, with the help of the "number ladder". She also counted to 10 by 2's during dinner on her own initiative, without the aid of anything written down. We did some simple addition and subtraction problems (though she really doesn't like subtraction), and an exercise involving figuring out which group of things has more elements without counting them.

At the end of the day, she complained that she hadn't had time to play any games with me today. Gee, perhaps that's because she spent the several hours of one-on-one time we had today using Brainpop Jr., making art with her new rubber stamps and colored pencils, doing math, and adopting the new Webkinz she got for Christmas...


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